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Specialists in Historical Renovation and Restoration

Historical building architects, renovators and restoration contractors can rely on Bear Wood Windows as "Specialists in Historical Renovation and Restoration". Bear Wood Windows of Tacoma, Washington specializes in custom wood window replacement for government and institutional buildings that call for historic period window replication. The demanding requirements of governmental agencies and local historical societies are met by Bear Wood Windows' ability to match its products to the building's existing architecture. Our unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality products, services, and expertise available make Bear Wood Windows the logical choice for builders and architects dedicated to the preservation of America's historic architecture.
  • Services
    Customer support begins with the first contact. Bear Wood Windows offers a comfortable, no pressure sales approach that seeks to assess the customer's vision and desire for their project's historical renovation and windows replacement. We understand that nothing is more frustrating to a customer than when questions remain unanswered or important details are left unclear especially when stringent specifications are required. Our commitment is to ensure that our customers understand the products and available services that pertain to their unique project.
    Some of those services include:
    • Plan takeoffs and written estimates
    • Architect and Historical Agency meetings - (CAD Design)(E-Mail Communication)
    • Match product to existing architecture per required historical specifications
    • Specific Period Replication
    • Jobsite delivery
    • Optional installation or installer factory training
    • After installation cleanup
    • Hands on operating instruction
    • After sales support
    • Guaranteed satisfaction
    • Large project specialists - nationwide (Jobsite visit option)
  • Products
    • Double Hung Sash Replacement Kits
    • Double Hung Rope & Pulley System for Authentic Replacement Option
    • Double Hung Block & Tackle System for Authentic Replacement Option
    • Fir Standard Wood Species
    • Latex Priming Option
    • Picture Sash Replacement Kits
    • Casement Windows With Optional Rotogears or Concealed Hinges
    • Special Grids
    • Special Glazing
    • Leaded Glass
    • Multiple Available Wood Species
    • Multiple Hardware Options
Bear Wood Windows Specializes in
catering our products to match
historical requirements

Temple Theater
Tacoma, WA

This building in Tacoma's historic Stadium District required the approval of the Washington State Historical Society. The windows are insulated glass with roto-gear hardware.

Park Place Office Building
Seattle, WA

We provided our sash replacement kits for this building. The building is on the Seattle Historical Building list so our Retro-Paks had to meet appearance requirements. Our product replaced the original rope and pulley double hungs with a vinyl jambliner and fully operational insulated sashes. Simulated divided lites were used to further match appearance.

Fort Lewis MB, WA

This project was very particular. The windows we built for this building were interspersed with more than 200 original windows. These windows were manufactured in true original style with the ropes and pulleys. The sashes were made to exactly match original profiles and daylight openings. In the side-by-side photo, the window on the left was manufactured in the 1920's and the window on the right was manufactured by us to match.

St. Mark's Cathedral
Tacoma, WA

The windows for St. Mark's Cathedral were manufactured with 7 " clear fir and had several specific modifications made for job-site ease. Through communication with the engineers, we built several safeguards into the windows to allow for wind shear. The largest of the windows measured twenty feet wide and nearly seventeen feet tall. After installation, stained glass panels were inserted (see picture).

Washington State Historical Society
Tacoma, WA

Our ability to meet historical requirements resulted in our inclusion in the Washington State Historical Society's renovation project in the fall of 2000. These photos show windows that Bear Wood Windows manufactured from detail drawings to exact historical period specifications.


Nathaniel Orr Home and Orchard (circa 1857)

The Nathaniel Orr Home in Steilacoom, Washington, was build in 1857 and is one of the first buildings constructed in Washington State. The double hung windows were fabricated to match the original windows in order to maintain the integrity of the original architecture.