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Keeping Your Home A Classic

Homeowners can rely on Bear Wood Windows commitment to "Keeping Your Home A Classic". The purchase of a classic home is an investment in tradition and old world charm. Unfortunately, the investment often includes drafty and inoperable windows. These units should to be replaced, but most alternatives diminish or destroy the time-honored architectural look of a classic home and usually become a major construction project. Our windows are designed and built to match your home's unique character, inside and out, with little or no construction mess. What remains are windows that operate smoothly, conserve energy, and best of all look great. Bear Wood Windows...Keeping Your Home A Classic.
  • Services
    Customer support begins with the first contact. Bear Wood Windows offers a comfortable, on site, no pressure sales approach that seeks to assess the customer's vision and desire for their home. We understand that nothing is more frustrating to a customer than when questions remain unanswered or important details are left unclear. Our commitment is to ensure that our customers understand the products and available services that pertain to their unique project.
    Some of those services include:
    • Jobsite measure and written estimate
    • Match product to existing architecture
    • Specific Period Replication
    • Jobsite delivery
    • Optional installation
    • After installation cleanup
    • Hands on operating instruction
    • After sales support
    • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Products
    • Double Hung Sash Replacement Kits
    • Double Hung Rope & Pulley System for Authentic Replacement Option
    • Double Hung "Tilt & Clean" Jamb Liner Option
    • Pine or Fir Standard Wood Species
    • Latex Priming Option
    • Picture Sash Replacement Kits
    • Casement Windows With Optional Rotogears or Concealed Hinges
    • Special Grids
    • Special Glazing
    • Leaded Glass
    • Multiple Available Wood Species
    • Multiple Hardware Options
Bear Wood Windows Specializes in
catering our products to match
your home's unique character

We can create truly historical windows, with ropes and pulleys for double hung windows and historic hardware and frame styles in our casements.

Bear Wood Windows can use new hardware technology to improve the performance and weatherization of your classic windows. Our double-hung Windows can employ a balance system with a "tilt & clean" operation for ease in operation. We can also make casements with conclealed hinges and rotogears.

Many glass options are available, from divided lites to lead, to ensure the exact replication of your home's historical appearance.